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An image of Julia half way up a ladder creating a vibrant floral display over a mantlepiece.

An insight into Julia Moore

I started training as a florist in Essex and London at the age of 16. 


After moving to Cambridgeshire with my family, I enrolled in the Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture and Horticulture where I completed my City and Guilds parts 1, 2 and 3. After which, I gained a job at the college as one of the teaching assistants where I would teach some of the classes.


At the age of 21, I decided to have a career change and joined the Royal Air Force, where I served as a steward in the Catering Section.  I served and looked after high-ranking officers, dignitaries and members of the Royal Family when they visited the station I was serving at.

Whilst serving, I met my husband who was serving with the Royal Navy. When we got married, I chose to leave the military and move to Somerset where we started our family.


25 years on, I have a loving and supportive husband, 2 beautiful adult daughters and a Cocker Spaniel puppy.

I went back to working for a local florist once I'd had my daughters.

15 years ago, I decided to go my own way and Julia Moore Floral Designs was created, mainly specialising in weddings and events.


I am still in touch with my military background and I am a member of the WAAF/WRAF/RAF(w) association and I am honoured to march in the Remembrance Day Parade at Whitehall annually. 

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