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Price Guide

Bridal bouquets

Textured handtied from £110.00

Natural meadow handtied from £130.00

Trailing wild bouquet from £150.00


Bridesmaids Bouquets

Textured handtied from £65.00 each

Natural meadow handtied from £70.00

Trailing wild bouquet from £80.00 


Flower girls

Posies, baskets, hoops from £35.00 each


Hair Flowers

Floral crowns from £50.00 each

Hair flowers from £10.00 each



Buttonholes from £9.00 each

Ladies corsages on magnets from £18.00

Church flowers

Pedestals in urns on plinths (repurposable ) from £250.00 each

Pedestal on church stands from £190.00 each

Church doorway decoration from £600.00

Pew ends posies from £30.00 each

Meadow ground display from £95.00 each

Font displays viewed all the way around from £300.00



Staircases from £600.00

Fireplaces from £450.00

Tall table display arrangements from £190.00 per table

Low table displays from £60.00 per table

Bud vase clusters from £40.00 per table

Top table flowing display from £70.00 per ft

Candles/votives to compliment flowers from £6.00 per table

Freestanding archways from £750.00

Floral chandeliers

Mainly foliage from £550.00

 With flowers from £700.00

Floral ladders from £800.00

Marquee pole from £450.00

Cake flowers from £45.00


Delivery, setup, and clear down prices will vary depending on the distance and time needed at the venue.


Please note: The prices above are just a guide price; they will depend on the flowers chosen and the time of year of the wedding. Please be aware that times of the year such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas will affect the prices of your flowers. 

Also be aware that on certain days of the year there are other celebrations around the world which will also affect the prices of flowers.

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