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Wedding Flowers Across Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Every wedding is different. At Julia Moore Floral Designs, the team's aim is to make your wedding flowers full of wonder. With combined experience between them of more than 75 years, there's nothing my team and I can't create with flowers and foliage. From delicate body flowers to expansive venue designs, gorgeous bridal bouquets and opulent wedding ceremony arrangements, the married couple's dreams are turned into reality by this wonderful team of creatives


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Wedding Flower Pricing

Unlike some designers, I believe budget should not be a barrier to commissioning the very best floral artists. It's for this reason there areno minimum order values. When you choose Julia Moore Floral Designs as your wedding florist, you can be absolutely certain of the very best customer service and floral creations whether you are planning something intimate and small or the grandest, most glorious of celebrations.

I understand that for some couple's budgets will play a big part in what suppliers you choose. Whilst I do not have a minimum order you may like to look at our price guide

My Floral Design Process

I am a firm believer that to ensure every detail is considered, the journey from ideas to final wedding day flowers needs to be meticulously orchestrated to ensure my team flow and work in harmony with the styling of your wedding. This is why it is essential to discuss your requirements during an initial consultation (either in person or at an online meeting) before sending out quotes or costings. This is then followed by ongoing email contact and at least one, if not two, more meetings throughout the floral planning process.

So what should you expect when you enquire about your wedding flowers.

  • Whether you have enquired by via the wedding form on here (click if you wish to enquire), email direct to me or you have called me, checking the availability is the first thing.            

  • Once we have established if I have availability,  I will send you two links, one will be the consultation booking link and one will be a form for you to fill in for me to see what you would like, so I can have the main bulk of information in front of me ready for the consultation. 

  • At the consultation we will cover all the ideas and designs you would like, including discussing colours and how to repurposed your wedding flowers on the day of your wedding. 

  • Once we have had the consultation I will put together the costings and send out a quote with a brief mood board. 

  • When you receive the quote for your wedding flowers, you will notice it will all be itemized, I believe in showing exactly what you are paying for. This also gives you an opportunity to tweak the quote or ask for a another option. 

  • To book me and my team as your wedding florist, we require a 10% Date retainer fee and a equipment hire fee deposit( this is if you are using our equipment and is returned after the wedding once all equipment has been checked and counted.) We will send you an invoice for this.  

  • Normally after you have paid the retainer invoice, especially if your wedding is more the 4 months away there will be a lull. You are always welcome to contact me if you have any worries. 

  • If your wedding is more than 12 months away, I will touch base with you around 6 months before the wedding. this is mainly just to check if there is anything else I can help you with.  

  • 1 month before the wedding I will be in touch to check if anything has change and to confirm final table number, this can be either by phone, zoom or in person if you prefer a face to face. 

  • Your final invoice will be send 2 weeks before your wedding day. 

  • On the day of the wedding we deliver and set up your flowers, just as we discussed at our final meeting.  Myself and my team will be on hand should you need us. 

  • After the wedding we will be back to clear away all the equipment and bunch up any remaining flowers.  

The Areas I Cover

 I can't say we have a set area, we are happy to travel to where ever you need us,  the main areas we cover are Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. My team and I have created couples wedding flowers at many different place, from tipi's and marquees in private homes and Military establishments to local venues, such as Holbrook Manor, North Cadbury Court, and the Grange at Oborne, also many further afield such as Highcliffe Castle, Christchurch and The Grange at Northington, Hampshire .

Wedding Inspiration

 If you would like some inspiration for your wedding flowers, we have it in abundance on our wedding inspiration page.  Let us inspire you to use texture, colour and imagination. Whether you want to used dried flower or tropical plants we can help you to visualise your ideal wedding style.

Start your wedding flower adventure now.

To help me get as much detail as possible about what wedding flowers you love and for us to understand what you require for your wedding, please fill out the form below and start your floral adventure with us.

Enquiring About Your Wedding Flowers

Thank you for your message -we will be in touch soon.

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