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Abundant floral beauty- designing BIG for a summer wedding at The Grange, Hampshire

As part of my job, I get to work with some great people. Sara Kirkby is an event stylist I’d definitely put into the ‘great’ category. We’ve worked together on lots of weddings and events, so when she approached me about a design brief for a wedding at The Grange Hampshire my creative juices really started to flow.

The Grange Hampshire is an intriguing venue, a grand old property set in beautiful grounds, it has brilliant potential as a backdrop to incredible florals. Sara had worked with her clients April and Ben to nail down the mood and style they wanted to create, so when she approached me with the florals brief there were already some clear parameters to work within. I love this approach; it often means I’m able to focus on what I do best, planning gorgeous designs, sourcing beautiful flowers (and plants on this occasion) and building the logistics to provide the perfect JM team to execute the client’s wishes.

From the get-go it was clear my designing would need to be on a grand scale We’d need thousands of stems of flowers, boxes and boxes of moss, plants galore and a whole heap of candles to create the required look. I always plan meticulously to ensure the JM team have everything we’ll need to bring the brief to life and this wedding was no different. So, I set to work liaising with my suppliers and always keeping in touch with Sara with the latest project information; an informed event stylist is a happy event stylist! Because of the pandemic there were several postponements, but eventually, the all clear was given for early September 2021.

Two days before the wedding the JM team assembled, we ran through the project plan, loaded the vehicles to bursting, sharpened our secateurs, knives, and scissors, and set off for Northington. What followed was a two-day whirlwind of buckets, flowers, laughter, moss, plants, preparing containers, cups of tea, sandwiches (thanks to Andrea who catered when we were far too tired or busy to) and designing, designing, designing.

To say I was delighted and exhausted by the time we’d finished would be an understatement. My god, did we work hard, but it was so worth it! as you can see in the stunning photographs by the talented Aga Tomaszek What we created in those two days was a masterclass in design and teamwork, everyone knew their role and fulfilled it to the letter. I often think myself very fortunate to have such a brilliant team of people working with me, and never more so than for this wedding.

And the event stylist, was she happy? Sara used words including ‘incredible’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘phenomenal’, so I’d definitely say so. We’d delivered on her brief and April and Ben were blown away by how gorgeous The Grange Hampshire looked for their wedding day. There’s a special kind of euphoria that settles after a project like that.

If you’d love to work with me on your wedding project- click here. Let’s make some magic happen!


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