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Luxury wedding flowers on a budget- is that a thing?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

If I could, I’d shout it from every rooftop in Somerset; ‘YES! You can have gorgeous, luxury wedding flowers on a budget, yes, yes YES!’ I don’t have rooftop access, so instead let me talk to you about why it’s possible and how you can work with your florist to make it happen.

No minimum order

If you’re on a tight budget, make sure you choose a florist who won’t insist on a minimum order value. I’m really passionate about this, because I don’t think having a smaller budget should restrict anyone from having wedding flowers they love.


Your venue might have a ‘recommended suppliers’ list. If they do, and your florist is on it, the florist could be expected to pay a percentage to the venue for recommending them. You might be unaware of this, but if your florist is passing on this charge, you could be paying 10% or more for your flowers than necessary. This why I am not a recommended supplier at any venue which has a commission policy. I prefer to provide complete transparency and give best value to my clients.


The team at JMFD are used to moving large arrangements from the ceremony to the reception. A good florist will provide lots of options to repurpose flowers from one area into another throughout your wedding day. These include:

· Pedestals arrangements can be moved from ceremony to reception.

· A floral arch or moon gate can be moved from ceremony to reception.

· Registry table flowers can be moved to the centre of your top table at the wedding breakfast.

· Bridal bouquet and bridesmaid designs can be placed in vases to dress wedding breakfast tables.

· Pew ends or chair posies repurposed into bud vases at the reception.

You’ll usually pay the florist a one-off charge for this repurposing service, but it’s much less expensive than the cost of lots more floral designs.

Bud vases of beautiful flowers arranged down the middle of the table


As is so often the case, less is more! Ask your florist for advice here. I often suggest ways to keep it simple, impactful and stay inexpensive. Ideas include:

· A single bloom for each bridesmaid instead of a larger bouquet

· Individual hair flowers instead of flower crowns

· Bud vases on wedding breakfast tables instead of larger designs

There are many more ideas, you just need to ask the professionals.


Be honest with yourself and with your florist about the budget you have. You don’t need to feel embarrassed, whatever your budget is, a good florist will be able to create beautiful wedding flowers for you. Honesty about your budget will mean your florist can guide you in the best ways to spend that money wisely and where to create the most impact. My best advice to every wedding couple is don’t scrimp on the bridal party flowers, because those will be in so many photographs.


Be prepared to be flexible with flower varieties and opt for seasonal flowers and foliage (foliage isn’t free, I’ll be writing a blog with more detail on this subject soon). Ask your florist about what is available. I’m always happy to guide and advise my couples, after all this is my profession and I know what the most cost-effective options are all year round.

Luxury on a budget can be a reality – click here to find out more.

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