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So, what do wedding florists actually get up to ? From wedding planning to the wedding day flowers.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

To every client, the whole process should seem carefree and streamlined. I always want to create the impression that it really is no bother at all to move effortlessly from initial consultation and ideas to the gorgeous, fully styled finished product. So what do wedding florist actually do? if you really want to know what goes on behind the scenes, read on!

Initial information gathering

This is a key phase in the process. Your wedding florist needs to gather as much information as possible about your style, vision, and theme. This is critical because our job is to reflect you and your signature throughout our work. The designs that grace your wedding day will have been meticulously planned and styled; and that process starts with our web form and a subsequent consultation. I love this process, it’s the start of our working relationship and it’s when I begin to conjure up the vision for your special day.

Time to quote

Once the consultation is over, it’s time for me to produce your quotation. This all takes longer than you think, especially is I have more than one meeting a week. The one I send you will be a precis version, but my copy has lots more details; flower varieties, suggestions for the containers I need to reserve, and notes about booking my staffing requirements. I might also make a list of specific equipment the JMFD team will need, including ladders, scaffold towers, and more.

And relax…

Hopefully, at this point you’ll feel relaxed and know your florist has everything in hand. All you need to do is accept the quotation and pay the deposit to secure your florist.


For the florist, it’s time to begin making plans. I often need to source new containers, stands, candles or glassware from suppliers worldwide. This can be quite time consuming, but also good fun. I also need to speak to my team staff and freelance contractors to ensure we have enough hands on deck. It’s then time to work with my trusty spreadsheet solution to create a buying list for all the other sundries and the flowers and foliage we’ll need. Once that’s complete, there is a lull in proceedings until about a 10 days before your wedding date.

The big push

The final 10 days are busy, but the last 2 days before any wedding are always the busiest. Once the flowers and foliage arrive on site, it’s a race against time. Flowers are living, perishable and unique, so to ensure everything looks at its peak on the day it’s vital they are conditioned (each stem is checked, cut and placed into clean water for a long drink). Often the team will work from early morning to late into the night in order to create the desired effects. But, just like the adage of the graceful swan, our aim is to appear as if it is all effortless, even though we’re furiously paddling to stay afloat. At this point in the proceedings, lots of tea and plenty of cake is required!

The wedding day

It always starts early, checking the designs, delivering to the venue, ensuring ceremony flowers are looking their best, putting the final touches to buttonholes and bouquets and then setting up the table styling for the wedding breakfast. The JMFD are often on hand to move large designs from the ceremony to the reception venue and we always love helping to attach buttonholes and corsages. It’s always a pleasure to be such an integral part of making your wedding day special.

Taking down and cleaning

But the work isn’t over yet. The containers and glassware have to be collected from the venue the day after the wedding and everything needs cleaning and putting away which can take at least another full day. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

At JMFD we love weddings! If you’d like to discuss floral ideas for your big day with me, click here.

squeezing in the final bits after clearing down a venue.

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