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Showstopper…an autumnal wedding floral moon gate! Megan and Mel tie the knot at Holbrook Manor.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Brides sitting  next to each other at the top table,  surrounded by family with a floral moongate as a back drop and the bridal bouquets in vases along the front of the tables

Holbrook Manor is a venue the JMFD team often style for weddings. We really love the country house feel of this venue, the beautiful grounds, and the staff who are so welcoming and accommodating. We can always assure our couples that they will be well looked after at Holbrook. Since Holbrook Manor was restyled a couple of years ago the bright, fresh décor provides a fabulous backdrop to all manner of florals.

Different views

Megan and Mel initially had really different views about the floral requirements for their wedding. Mel loves flowers and was really keen to carry a bouquet and for the bridesmaids to carry flowers too. Megan on the other hand wasn’t keen on wearing or carrying anything floral herself. This didn’t affect the planning though, both Megan and Mel agreed that they wanted some striking floral styling for their ceremony and at the wedding breakfast. Megan enjoyed seeing Mel’s excitement at choosing florals to fit their vision.

The moon gate frames the brides

We discussed designing an autumnal wedding floral moon gate to frame the girls during their ceremony and Mel particularly loved this idea. She had a vision for rich autumnal shades to reflect the changing seasons as the wedding was in September. Against Holbrook’s neutral backdrop I knew this would be a real showstopper. I love planning large freestanding floral designs like this, they always provide the wow factor and at JMFD we encourage couples to repurpose them to get the very best value for money (see our blog Luxury Wedding flowers on a budget for more details on getting the best value from your flowers).

A change of heart

When Megan and Mel met me for the final time prior to the wedding day, Megan changed her mind and decided she would like to wear a wrist corsage to complement her beautiful lace dress and link to Mel’s bouquet. This provided a beautiful floral marriage, linking the brides together. In the same way as a buttonhole does, the wrist corsage just pulls everything together, particularly in the photographs.

Reflecting on the day

Not only do I get to work with my fabulous design team at some beautiful venues, but I also have the pleasure of having our work photographed by some really talented photographers. Nicky Hill is a brilliant artist, so I was sure she’d capture some excellent images of the florals as well as all the happy, smiling faces and gorgeous outfits. Nicky’s photographs really did capture the atmosphere and the beauty of Megan and Mel’s wedding. They were such a lovely couple to work with and their wedding day couldn’t have been more romantic. I’m really delighted to share their real wedding in my blog series.

If you’d like to find out more about how JMFD can create your perfect floral styling, click here to start the journey.

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